Camper Registration

To register for Model UN Camp, please visit our Online Registration page and select the session(s) of camp for which you would like to register.  

Once you have filled out your contact information, and answered a few brief questions regarding experience levels and other information, you will be taken to our online payments page. 

For questions regarding program payment and enrollment, please contact us here.

Camp Session 1: July 13 - July 26
2,245.00 2,495.00

Topic 1: Media Freedom 

Topic 2: Global Food Security

Topic 3: Disarmament & Security

Camp Session 2: July 27 - Aug 9
2,245.00 2,495.00

Topic 1: Ethnic Minority Rights

Topic 2: Children in Conflict Zones

Topic 3: Global Health

Camp Sessions 1 & 2
4,245.00 4,990.00


Please contact us for details regarding offline registration/payment. We will happily provide you details on check processing and mailing.  For questions regarding program payment and enrollment, please feel free to Contact Us or give us a call at 646-360-0828.

Refund Policy

We offer full refunds of program fees if they are requested before June 1st, 2015. To request a program refund, email with "Refund" in the subject line. Refunds of electronic payments may be offered immediately, while payments made by check may take two weeks to process. Refunds will not offered beyond June 1st, 2015.