Camp Session 1:  July 13 - 26th

Topic 1:  Media Freedom (Human Rights)
Topic 2:  Global Food Security (Development)
Topic 3:  Disarmament and Security (Peace & Security)


Camp Session 2: July 27 - August 9th 

Topic 1:  Ethnic Minority Rights (Human Rights)
Topic 2:  Children in Conflict Zones (Peace and Security) 
Topic 3:  Global Health (Development)

Our Program

Model UN Camp is a series of summer programs for creative young individuals with an interest in international affairs. The program pairs discussions of important global issues with outdoor activities designed for high school students. By demonstrating that learning about the world can be fun and engaging, we encourage students to develop a passion for international affairs, and motivate them to want to learn more about their world.  

Every summer, we bring together students from all around the world, and guide them as they step into the shoes of a foreign diplomat. From these perspectives, students debate and negotiate with their peers in a format similar to that used in the real United Nations. In the process, they develop public speaking, debate, and collaboration skills, and simultaneously gain an understanding of some of the world's most pressing issues. 

Each session of the program contains three topics of discussion, a wide range of workshops and seminars, and specially designed camp activities that offer a break from formal committee sessions, while simultaneously encouraging students to learn more. For more information about Model UN, and our program, visit our FAQ page, or visit our Camp Sessions page. 



Delegates, Parents, Educators, and Counselors,

It is my honor to welcome all of you to Model UN Camp's 2015 season, and to our fourth year of the "MUN In The SUN" program. Over the past four years, it has been a privilege to see our small program develop into a world-class educational opportunity for students from all parts of the globe.

The joint goals of Model UN Camp are to endow new students with a love of learning about global affairs, and to provide experienced students with a place to learn more about the issues closest to their hearts. We accomplish this by intertwining creative educational exercises with fun camp activities. This year, we've designed two camp sessions that will help students learn about other cultures, develop skills in debate and negotiation, and become friends with remarkable people from all over the world.

For half of each day, campers (called “Delegates” ) assume the role of an ambassador from a country other than their own. Having researched their countries, as well as pre-chosen topics of discussion for weeks before the camp begins, they discuss issues ranging from media freedom around the world, to disarmament and security. Formal committee sessions are complemented by daily workshops on public speaking, negotiation, resolution writing, and critical thinking. 

When not in committees or workshops, delegates enjoy more traditional camp activities, like nature hikes, trips to the local reservoir, telling ghost stories around the campfire, or playing field games. Splitting up our days in this way lets us design programs that make learning about the world an interesting and interactive experience, and encourages delegates to want to learn more.

We hope you’re able to join us for a truly unique camp experience this summer, and we encourage you to find out more about the program. 

See you at camp,
Michael Harrington
Director, Model UN Camp